Some Comic Conventions Are Banning Fake Weapons


Some Comic Conventions Are Banning Fake Weapons

There is a growing concern of the safety of attendees at comic conventions and this has led some producers to ban fake guns and other fake weapons.


Comic conventions are banning more items from entering the events and these include items like prop weapons and selfie sticks.

Flame Con, a comic convention that focuses on L.G.B.T.Q has announced that they will be banning all toy guns and firearms for their second event, which will take place in August at the New York Marriott.

This comic convention will also be banning any weapon that looks or feels real and any prop that is hard, heavy or sharp and could injure a person.

This decision was made after the mass shooting in Orlando and after security talks with law enforcement, venue representatives, security personnel and others.

The announcement was made by Flame Con on their website, on their social media platforms and via email messages to registered attendees. The announcement has not led to any vendors, sponsors, attendees or exhibitors cancelling.

The event is expected to draw about 4000 attendees this year, which is up from the previous year.

Many attendees find the fun is cosplay at comic conventions. This is where attendees dress up as characters from movies, comic books, video games and television.

Cosplay is a massive draw for comic conventions and many have costumes props and accessories for sale. Parts of these costumes are swords, guns, bows, arrows and knives.

Last year the Comic-Con International in San Diego banned selfie sticks and this ban was also applied to Wondercon in Los Angeles.

Other items that comic cons have banned include e-cigarettes, helium filled products, hover boards and vaping devices.

Showing Off Costumes at Comic Con 2016 Birmingham


Showing Off Costumes at Comic Con 2016 Birmingham

At Comic Con Birmingham fans dressed up as their favorite characters including a Star Wars Ewok, Harley Quinn and Mortal Kombat fighters.

Cosplay came out in full swing this year at Comic Con with heroes and villains rubbing shoulders.

Among the costumes on show were Iron Man, Deadpool, Top Gear’s Stig and Harley Quinn. There were plenty of homemade costumes that showed off hours of stitching.

comic con

Not only were the costumes impressive, but also the accessories that the attendees had including horror masks, massive hammers and bright contact lenses and in the case of the villain scarecrow, a piston powered claw that looked rather painful.

Special guests included ex TV star and pop singer Hannah Spearritt, actors Tom Mison and Warwick Davis and Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewelyn.

Comic Con is an interesting place to be as the Master Chief from the Halo video games had a chat with a Star Wars Ewok and zombies shuffled past a Warhammer Space Marine.

Fans were not just there though to show off their amazing costumes as plenty of trade in video games and collectibles was done. At a specialized stall 5 bodypainting artists showed off their skills.

The stars of video games and TV also gave interviewers a behind the scenes look into the creation of some of the favorite series.

Must Read Graphic Novels


Must Read Graphic Novels

Take a look at these must read graphic novels.

The Wicked + The Divine

The Wicked + The Divine or just WicDiv is smart and sexy. The novel revolves around a phalanx of gods that arrive every 90 years in human form. In their latest incarnations they have never had it better as they arrive in the middle of the technology age with Tumblr, YouTube and X Factor.


This is an autobiographical story of Marjane Satrapi and tells the story about growing up in Iran that is first under the rule of the shah and then in the days of the Islamic revolution. The story is wise, funny and will make you think as it is told in a deceptively simplistic monochrome style.


There has never been anything like Sandman from Neil Gaiman that started in 1988.

The graphic novel takes a DC character that had been left on the sidelines and making it his own creating breathtaking originality.


Watchmen has been positioned an alternative history where superhero’s were real in an American that was on the edge of nuclear war. The story blends murder mystery with political commentary.

Best Comics that are Coming Out


Best Comics that are Coming Out

There are thousands of comic books and they keep coming out, but here are some of the best comic books that are coming out.

Ms. Marvel

This comic is about Kamala Khan that is a Pakistani-American teenager that sneaks out in the middle of the night and inhales a weird mist. She wakes up the next morning with superpowers that allow her to change her shape and size.


Alana and Marko are beautiful space humanoids that fall in love whilst they are fighting for opposite sides in a galactic war. They have a little girl and try to balance parent hood whilst they run from bounty hunters and political operatives.

Black Science

black science

A team of rogue scientists has come together because of Grant McKay an anarchist. They are caught in a blast that teleports them into strange and hostile dimensions.


This comic is about the person that wields the magical hammer, Mjolnir. If you have read the Marvel Comics then this person is usually Thor Odinson Prince of Asgard, but right now it’s a human woman who’s identity that has been a secret apart from those that read her comic.

Darth Vader

This comic book series takes place between Star Wars and The Empire Strikes. It shows the Dark Lord of the Sith battle with the internal political fallout after his defeat against the Rebel Alliance.

Sex Criminals

Jon and Suzie are two lovelorn singles that hook up. They then find out that they both have the same superpower, that is to freeze time after they orgasm.

The Wicked + The Divine

Pantheons of 12 pop stars are reincarnated gods. They are all young adults that are destined to live only 2 years after the musical magic hits them. These chart toppers get caught up in a drama after a mysterious conspiracy frames one of them for murder.


rAge Expo South Africa


rAge Expo South Africa

It’s not long now until the annual rAge gaming and technology festival, which is without a doubt the highlight for any gamer in South Africa. This expo attracts thousands of players, geeks and enthusiast over just one weekend.


The fact is that because this expo is so popular, it is a good idea to get your tickets in advance so that you are disappointed. You are still able to get tickets and the expo kicks off on the 9th of October 2015 until the 11th of October at the TicketPro Dome.

The tickets are a little more expensive this year, but still cost just R100. A weekend ticket will cost you R250 and kids under the age of six are free.

rAge is an awesome gaming expo and this year is bound to be fun. rAge is the largest technology, geek lifestyle and gadget expo in South Africa and it is able to bring everything cool and fun too one place so if you fancy escaping reality and stepping into a world of imagination then this is the place to be.

rAge allows gamers to play games, new game, experience new technology and more. If you are a geek at heart, but love to shop then you will not be disappointed as there are plenty of stalls at the expo that sell the weird, the bizarre and the geeky.

You are able to get your tickets from Computicket or at the door.


Mini Comic Con is Back at the Eisenhower Public Library


Mini Comic Con is Back at the Eisenhower Public Library

You are in for a treat on the 5th of September as pop culture will be stealing center stage at the Eisenhower Public Library in Harwood Heights. Comic book fans from all over and many of whom will be dressed, as their favorite superhero will come together to celebrate the graphic art of storytelling.

It is expected that close to 400 comic book lovers will be attending the third annual Mini Comic Con at the library on the 5th of September from 10am to 1pm.

mini comic con

This event was first launched three years ago and every year the library never fails to provide a special day for fans of comics. There are meet and greets with the authors, costume contests and superhero themed video games.

Even though the library is a lot smaller then the usual Comic Con events, the library doe shave thousands of graphic novels and comic books, which are brought to life by offering meet and greets with the creators of some of these comics and guests will also be able to browse collections of vintage toys, action figures and art.

This small event is completely free compared to the larger comic con events that are held around the country and even the world.

The library also has activities like balloon twisting, face painting and lessons on how to create a stuffed superhero toy.

There will be at least 10 special guests, which include comic illustrator Gene Ha and freelance comic artist Mitch O’Connell.

George Hagenauer and Atlas Comics will have thousands of back issues for sale and Totally Batz will be selling clothing, gifts, accessories and jewelry.

If you are planning to attend or will be in the area on a holiday, the Mini Comic Con is at The Eisenhower Public Library, 4613 N, Oketo Avenue, Harwood Heights.